The UALM refers to the United Australian Lebanese Movement which is a public affairs organization. This organization is to be found in almost every Australian State and Territory. Also, it has an organized volunteer arm. Australia is believed to have  a very important role in the Middle East especially in terms of economic, social, and political aspect.  It is also believed that Australia can benefit Middle East when it comes to certain issues. In 1989, the organization was registered as the Lebanese Coordination Bureau in Melbourne Victoria.

Later on, this organization has been registered all throughout Australia. It helped to mobilize the Lebanese Diaspora and other community groups. The UALM had a great contribution in raising the awareness of foreign occupation that had befallen Lebanon. It even had a campaign for an Australian-like system of democracy in the same country mentioned. The focus of the organization since 2005 is on backing the forces of Change and Reform in Lebanon. Due to corruption, wars occurred which affected even the jobs of many citizens.

The organization had a vision to support and help the Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon. Australia is said to be a beacon of freedom and democracy. It will continue its vision to help the Lebanese indigenous population. In Victoria, the said organization always hold an Annual Function. Also, the UALM public affairs organization focuses on the importance of solving even the issue on Syrian refugees. The organization also calls on the Australian government to shoulder its United Nations charter obligations.